Saturday, March 10, 2007


While this has been very interesting, frustrating and fun at the same time, I am not sure if I would keep up my blog. It is very time comsuming and can be complicated. I am too old for some of this new fangled stuff. I have a hard enough time working Tivo and recorders, I sure don't have the time all this blogging stuff takes. I would rather be curled up with a good book or playing with my grandkids.

I do believe that some of these things would be great for the younger generations (not me) to use and keep in touch and even use as a way of getting information, the only thing that would be a real assest to me at this time would be google docs for personal and work related.

Task #7 : Explore Wikipedia

I added as of March 1, 2007 (37 full-time and 44 part-time).
While I think this is a great site and might be fun to add your own personal knowledge to, I would be weary about the accuracy of some of the content. Another reason to do a lot of research and be careful of quoting this or any other website.

Wikipedia username: jtdktd

Task #6 : Instant Messaging

mllcndlls (06:57:23 pm): hello?
(06:57:23 pm)pvld2007 is no longer signed on.

The buddy list is an useful tool, as a phone book to a telephone. The list will save catagories based on your preference, family, friends, co-workers.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Task #10 :Myspace

myspace profile

I have real issues with myspace. Every time one of my children or their friends visit myspace, it cause real problems with my computer. MySpace is one site that is not allowed to view on my personal home computer. I have joined myspace using my work computer and hope that it does not cause the same problems.

I have not invited any friends to myspace account, because of these problems in the past.

Friday, February 9, 2007

Task #3 :RSS

While I can't get my account verification to work at bloglines, I do at least have an account (I Think) with the following RSS:
4 feeds
Bloglines News (1) (0)
MSN Entertainment (155) (0)
MSN Video (34) (0)
PVLD Director's Blog (21) (0)

I am not sure how this particular task would help me, occassionaly would be useful on my internet home page, just to click once instead of having to go my favorites and then search through all of them .

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Task #9: Explore online office tools

With google docs and/or spreadsheets you can develop a whole series of work related information as we continue to work toward a global economy, each document could almost be updated and revised within minutes rather than days.

Task #8: youtube

Apparently we are not the only library having problems. If you are looking for entertainment and a good laugh, then I guess Utube is a form of interactive movie watching, which I personally could find better ways to use my time.

Task #1 #2 :E-mail and weblog

Hello 21st century. how strange you are, with lots of encouragement I have made it this far...

hotmail account

Link to my blog